Hewlett-Packard (HP) Sucks


‘Tis the Season to be jolly and I am pretty jolly…which is why I have been in two minds about even posting this rant. I gave into it though because I am only now moving out of the “fuming with anger” phase.

I have encountered some rather appalling customer service in my (almost!) 30 years of life, but usually the issue is eventually resolved and I figure that bad-mouthing said company and associated bad customer service levels will simply elicit bad karma. An example of this would be my migration lawyer, who charged me an abominable amount of money for time she spent rectifying her mistakes which, in turn, delayed my Permanent Residence application by about six months. I threatened to go to the press or Today Tonight (no, not really) and to write an especially scathing blog entry mentioning the firm and her name. I haggled with her regarding her fees for about a month and then decided that if she wants to offer unprofessional services to people and rip them off shamelessly, then she will get what is coming to her one day and that me harping on the issue was just pointless. So I told her exactly what I thought of her and her fellow solicitors and settled my account. End of story, moving on…

The following tale, however, is very different because I have gone to great pains to get an issue resolved with no success at all. To throw some extra annoyance into the mix, I had to contend with appalling customer service throughout my dealings with this company. So here we go with some slandering and name-mentioning:

Hewlett-Packard sucks in a truly monumental way. Their call center in India needs to a) learn to speak English and b) make an effort to actually solve your problem.

Brief overview of my issue: I Purchased an HP Pavilion zd8000 notebook two years ago (not a bad machine, though I know many people complain bitterly about their Pavilion range). I now need to reformat my hard-drive and reinstall Windows XP as it is running slowly and I like to get rid of all the junk on it and start afresh every year or so. I do not have Operating System Recovery Disks to perform this task in a painless way. Apparently they were bundled with the machine. Now I don’t remember seeing them and actually assumed that these files were on a hidden partition on the hard-drive. Either way, I understand that they could have been lost in the move etc. and am not blaming anyone for me not having them (except maybe myself). But the point is that I don’t have them and so cannot reformat my computer. So I called HP to ask how much a set of replacement disks would cost. Apparently they “do not have them anymore because my computer is so very old”. Two years is not old! The fact that HP does not support 2 year old machines is scary in itself. I was told this tidbit of unhelpful information after I had spent at least 15 minutes being transferred from one non-English-speaking person to the next, having to spell out my name over and over again.

I asked them if they are expecting me to throw my computer away now that I don’t have disks to recover it? They apparently “can’t comment on that” but I “can pay to have the notebook re-imaged”, which just goes to show that they don’t even understand how reformatting a notebook even works. So I lose it with them and tell them I want to speak to their manager. This is apparently only possible if I lodge a formal complaint. So I lodge a formal complaint (#CCHSAP123246 – should HP actually decide to begin to care!) and “Hari Unnikrishnan” will apparently get back to me in 6 to 8 hours. The next day I call back and ask why Hari hasn’t called me back. Apparently he is very busy, but will call me in the next 6 to 8 hours. The next day I call again and ask to speak to him again because he still hasn’t graced my lodged complaint with a response. Instead of putting me through, the woman on the other end puts me on a hold for like 10 minutes. Then gets back and says that she has spoken to Hari and he says “there are no disks”. So then I really lose it and tell her that I have a complaint number and that that gives me a right to speak to Hari and that I demand to speak to him now. She says that he can’t tell me anything that she hasn’t. I just wanted to get through to him to say what I ended up saying to her. I told her that I think HP customer care is sorely lacking, that I think I have been treated appallingly and that she can tell Hari that I will never purchase another HP product again and that I will be spreading the word far and near that everyone I know, shouldn’t either. Not because the actual products suck (although I have heard many stories that they do), but simply because of their useless customer care clerks and their inability to solve basic issues. She then thanked me for calling HP – AAAAAHHHRRRRGGG!

So now I have to manually reformat my hard-drive, try and find a copy of XP to buy (retailers only sell Vista now and my machine cannot support it), install it and then install about 30 drivers before my notebook can be used again – hopefully. All because of HP’s ineptitude.

So people, try and avoid HP unless you want to go through the above even for an issue as trivial as replacing your system recovery disks.

For further Hewlett-Packard bedtime stories, you may visit some equally disgruntled users here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. For the other 98757 million complaints, simply Google “HP Sucks”.


Mission accomplished: It has been about 15 minutes since I posted the above story and I am now ranked on page 2 when I run a search on Google for “HP sucks”. Take that, suckers!



  1. Scott, 20. December 2007, 3:01

    Don’t feel alone. Dealt with email support for a replacement keyboard. Bought my laptop dv2047 from Sam’s Dec 8,2006. Contacted support in Jan about the spacebar. The only way it would actuate was if you hit it dead center. A couple mm off and no joy. Asked to ship a replacement (billing software and client’s files a bit sensitive, and have some software that has limited number of keys. No way I could go without.

    They sent me the instructions for replacing it, but wouldn’t send the keyboard (5 back-and-forths later). By this time I’m using a bluetooth keyboard, so isn’t a pressing issue. (Did I mention that I was an electronics calibration and repair tech and ran two labs in the AF?)

    Flash forward to Nov 07, less than a month left on waranty, and I don’t have the keys loaded, and figure that I can get along without the billings for a week. Contact them and state a preference for self-install. They came up with the same mantra (India–mantra—ah, what’s the use) and tossed in a new twist: They say that the laptop waranty expired in Aug.

    So, I have to email a copy of the receipt, plus fill out forms–will supposedly hear from them immediately about the update warranty date. Nada. Nothing. No communication what so ever.

    So, the warranty is out, I will have to pay about $80 for a keyboard, and I’m pissed.

    Will I recommend HP or Compaq to customers (I do VAR medical systems and teach part-time)? Probably not. They can stop sending me business system catalogs.

    I’ll probably still support their printers, since I can second-source the parts, and they are workhorses. But I’ve got three (two HPs and one Compaq) laptops in, and I’ve basically told the owners to replace them with Dells. Three more customers have been advised to go with Dell servers. All for a freaking keyboard. Original support #KMM14560722V43597L0KM.

    (During the last segment of tech support conversation, I replaced a screen, partial case, and DVD drive in a Compaq r3000 for a client (her daughter’s friend sat on it)).

  2. Sam, 20. December 2007, 8:15

    Ah Scott, that sounds awful. We should start an “HP Sucks” website :)

  3. Sam’s View » Hewlett-Packard (HP) Sucks Part 2 (Pingback), 27. December 2007, 12:47

    [...] experience with HP customer care. For the whole bang-shoot you can toodle over to my weblog (http://www.footloosemoose.com/sam_wp/?p=305) where you can, along with the general worldwide public, read about the really juicy details of [...]

  4. Michael Cummings, 21. January 2008, 16:44

    They need to be held accountable! IF the are going to continua;;y produce crap products and not support them once they are purchased..Then we need to call them on it.

    I am FED UP!!!!!

    As Americans or people of our growing world economy if we allow ourselves to be treated like offal by these corporate Tyrannists (Tyranny, power over others marked by cruelty and absence of justice) then are we not also ready to accept tyranny as our form of government. Think about it. Injustice is injustice, and the more numb we become to it the more we’ll allow it to pervade our society, before you know it our republic will be no more. WE need to stop the corporate oligarchy before it is too late!!! Demand to be respected by these irresponsible corporations, and they will listen. WE need to stop this crap!


  5. robert, 7. February 2008, 6:44

    So how do they get away with it? Has anyone found been found an avenue–govt source/other–to make them accountable for unfulfilled service plans and uncompetent service support . I’ve lost countless hours in productive time and money. There was a time when I would swear by it. Now, its criminal. What happened?

  6. chris, 7. February 2008, 9:05

    Sam: I’ve been dealing with the same HP customer frustrations for the past month, and I’ve recently joined the ranks of the HP Sucks bloggers.

    Take a look at http://hewlettpackardsucks.blogspot.com for my story.

  7. Sam, 7. February 2008, 9:23

    Wow, Chris – what a disaster! Hopefully if the word gets out about how pathetic HP are, enough people will stop purchasing products that are rendered useless as soon as the smallest thing goes wrong with them. I wish you luck with your ongoing battle.

  8. John, 18. February 2008, 10:25

    Oh my god I feel you!
    Just installed vista on my HP pavilion laptop zv6000 only to be told by annoying HP customer service that my laptop is too old to support Vista…one year is not old…How much money do they think I am going to spend on laptops each year!!! Never buying from annoying HP again

    Oh ya and it doesn’t make much sense to have web only help if your computer does not work…

  9. Simone, 21. February 2008, 8:17

    Hi, I just found this blog by googling “HP Customer Service Sucks”. I want to share my own HP rant with others who’ve experienced “the horror…”

    I think the problem all started when they hired Kafka to write their customer service training manual.

    I bought my dv9500t off of HP’s website in December 07 along with the expansion base. By the end of January, it was crashing and soon after (day or two) would stall during reboot. My final diagnosis was problem with the heat sink on the motherboard. It took longer to stall if I let it rest (cool down) for a while before trying to start up. The computer locked up even when I was on the BIOS page, so this definitely wasn’t a Vista problem.

    After a lot of calls to HP customer (don’t)care, I was able to get a case manager who told me that I was entitled to a replacement. By this time (almost 1 1/2 weeks and about 10 phone calls each lasting between 10 and 45 minutes) I was fed up with HP, and declined the replacement and asked for a full refund to which the HP case manager said I was fully entitled. He gave me a case # and his fax # and phone number with extension and his work hours. He asked me to fax over my receipts to get the refund started. He made a point of telling me that the faxes in the office tend to get lost, so I should make sure to write his name in large letters on the fax. So, I did this, and called back the next day to confirm that he’d received the fax. I did call during the working hours he’d given me. I provided the person who answered the phone with my case #. I was told Anthony was unavailable and he would get back to me.

    So, that was 2 weeks ago. I’ve since called his office 5 times trying to get hold of him and each time I received the same response, “he’ll call you later.” I have asked for a new case manager to no avail. At this point, I’m submitting a claim with Mastercard to see if I can recover some of the money I spent on this computer, and I will never buy another HP product again.

  10. Sam, 21. February 2008, 8:42

    What a bunch of crooks. Their attitude makes me so mad! Best of luck, Simone.

  11. Becky, 28. February 2008, 19:21

    I bought a HP pavilion dv9000 eleven months ago, already loaded with windows vista. I don’t want to do anything fancy, just to get on the internet, load my cds into the computer so I can load them into a mp3 player. Seemed simple enough! I did not know to choose a DRIVE for them to loaded into. Obviously, I have little skill or knowledge in this area. So, shortly, my C drive was completely full. Someone told me to buy a black book for storage, which I did+ plugged in with no problems. The problem is that I do not know how to move these files to the external drive, or how to redirect where they are stored when they are downloaded. So, I called Calcutta Sunday evening, bounced through the phone tree, and finally got a real live person, or so i thought! Long story short, if these drones have to go off script for any reason, they are totally lost. I spent over 3 hours on the phone trying to explain the problem to this expert, with zero success. I can only surmise that this individual knew NOTHING about Vista, and has a severe deficiency in listening skills. So, after 3 hours of trying to be patient and polite, i was ready to ram the computer down someone’s throat. When I asked to be transferred to someone stateside, I was told that it was impossible, because Calcutta was the global call center. By this time, I was livid, and ended the call because I could tolerate no more of the Asian robot guy. I’d like to know if there is another approach or trick the get what I need. Thanks for your help

  12. Blankchild, 1. March 2008, 17:43

    yep, HP is the reason I’m switching to Mac. Period, dot, the end.

  13. Pat Alder, 8. March 2008, 6:55

    I am only beginng to have issues with HP. My Pavillion a 6300 t is only two weeks old and within an hour of it being on, the CD/DVD holder got stuck in the “open position”.

    Otherwise the computer is fine. I have learned to hate Indians who have no understanding of English except to read a script, to promises that the technician, who has been ” On his way” to my home for nearly TWO FREAKIN’ WEEKS, is “still on his way”. From where, Hyderabad? By SNAIL?! I even have a case manager, Raj, whereever the heck HE is, I do not know.

    I am now going to call my friend’s nephew to look at this, repair it and pay him. Then I will sue HP in small claims court with one addition.

    I worked in TV news. Over the years, I’ve made contacts and I am calling in all favors to make sure that this “service” is brought to light.

  14. bob mcdonald, 25. July 2008, 8:51

    My experience with Hp today. do not buy Hp. It’s all crap anymore. A once great company down the toilet

    Hello Bob:

    Thank you for contacting Hewlett-Packard. We apologize for the problems
    you experienced. In order to assist you further, please call our office
    at 1-800-756-0608 option #7. Our office hours are 8am-5pm Pacific Time,
    Monday through Friday. Any agent answering the phone will be able to
    assist you.

    Thank you,
    Hewlett-Packard Company
    Executive Customer Relations
    3000 Hanover Street
    Palo Alto, CA 94304
    Email: email.ecr@hp.com

    This is a message to HP’s CEO, from a valued customer: Bob Mcdonald.

    Customer’s Phone: 541-259-3336
    Customer’s E-Mail: mcbob@netscape.com
    Feedback Area:
    – Product experience
    – Service or support experience
    Mark, I thought I should pass on my experience with my purchase of a HP
    photosmart 945 camera. I purchased this camera for $399 from Costco. I
    used it just over 1 year and it froze with the lense extended. It was
    returned to service and I received a refurbished replacement. That
    camera lasted 2 years and failed the same way as the first one. I
    contacted service and told it was “dead”. I asked about repair and was
    told that there was no repair option. I was offered a coupon that would
    allow me to purchase another HP camera for $120. Funny thing was the
    same camera was available retail for $99. Now I’m feeling just a little
    I used to support test equipment at HP Corvallis while working for
    Schlumberger. We were constantly grilled on the MTBF of our driver
    boards in the test systems. HP demanded and expected improving
    performance. We did a good job at meeting those requirments to make the
    customer happy.
    I can not say the same as a customer of HP. I did some web searches on
    Photosmart camera failures. Turns out my problem was happening to a very
    large group of HP camera users.
    I take great care of my electronic equipment and expect it to last until
    outdated. It seems my $399 digital camera was considered to be
    disposable by HP. Sorry, but I don’t feel that way. I would love to hear
    what the MTBF on those camera is. Meanwhile do you have any suggestions
    on how to repair my damaged view of HP products?

    Bob Mcdonald

  15. Steve, 9. August 2008, 6:55

    I also had a very bad experience with HP. they have the worst customer service i have ever seen in my 50 years of living!I had a printer that i could not get a cable for that printer through HP so they talked me into an upgrade exchange for my old printer. i chargeed the 200.00 for the new printer.They sent me the printer with no lable to sent the old one back.I called them numerous times and finaly had a lable emailed to me. I sent the printer back. A month later i had a second charge on my charge card bill for 480.00 After hours and hours of talking to there poor customer service reps, including the superviser, They told me everything was taking care of. Next bill comes in with 480.00 still on it.Again hours of calling and being transfered a dozen times,they say there is nothing they can do, so it cost me 680.00 for a printer that sells everywhere for less than 200.00.I will never in my life, ever by another HP product.

    P.S. And it all started with them not having the upgrade cable to go from ther’ye printer to a new computer’s usb port. I would have been very happy keeping the old printer.

  16. Graham, 27. August 2008, 12:55

    Same here! BAD BAD BAD experiences with HP. We have bloged about it too at 365steph.wordpress.com. (Note, not a plug for our blog, just tierd of typing it all again!)

  17. screwedbyhp, 4. September 2008, 13:04

    Guys I can tell you; You actually have no idea how right you are! I used to work for hp for 16 months in technical support. What I used to support were color laser jet printers 2600n, 2500 series, the cp1210 series, and the cp1510 series. Let’s take a deeper look in that company:
    The call center I used to work is located in Costa Rica – There you can see, what a mess is actually going on there; The hp work environment in hp is totally unprofessional! Supervisors and technical resource desks are stupid as hell! They only get promoted to those positions, because of connections, friendships, etc.
    So here I’d like to provide you with really very valuable advises:
    The really good Tech’s are not a Supervisor or a “secondary level engineer” – bullshit! Believe me: The real freaks are the Tech’s itself. Nevertheless take in considerations, that they are not even longer than one year employed. So you need to be really very lucky getting one of those good guys! Why? It’s very simple: Those Agents are getting lots better working offers from other companies. There, where they’re not forced of doing overtime for free! At least in Costa Rica the hp call center is a totally mess! They are wasting their best potentials with very stupid policies and underpaid salaries. Sure, that you are very frustrated about the products. But put your self just for a second in one of those Agents position: You are sitting there 9 hours/day in front of the phone, and getting all those frustrated customers on the line. You even did not make those products, and you know by yourself that those products are trash! And you are getting the whole day stupid messages from your boss, to improve CSAT (Customer satisfaction). The thing with the refurbished products – that’s really fucked up, I agree! But here let me get you a very wise advise: Next time, when you get an issue with your device, don’t waste your time and ask for the Supervisor! He/She will not help you(or at least only very very very occasionally), promise! Rather ask for a “DOA” that’s a therm, hp is using in order to proceed a product negotiation. How much annoyed you are about the product, but please try NOT TO BE RUDE on the phone! Because otherwise the agent only want to hung up on you, and than you are really alone! Take a deep breath, before you make the call, and than show yourself from your most friendly side. But explain him your issue, and demand, that you want to have that issue solved, because of……….(your own version), and also involve the agent in a conversation! Sure you need to exaggerate the situation, so they help you, but; I’m telling you: If you stay calm, friendly and also patient on the phone – you will get EVERYTHING you want ;-) ! Why? Because all agents are getting every single day a hundreds of angry customers on the line. Once they got a very nice customer, they are going to work their ass of for you, because at first they want to keep you in that mood, and second they want rather have you on the phone, than the next angry customer, already waiting in the queue! – If you don’t believe me – get it at least a shot :-) !
    Let’s check the newest printer models of hp; that’s a bloody joke!!!!!!!
    The cp1210 and the cp1510 series are completly garbage, since the cp1210 doesn’t have a manual paper tray and no fuser can be tested anymore. Further, pictures are coming out too dark, and this model is not mac supported. Well, hp is saying, because it’s a host based driver, and that wouldn’t be compatible to mac – Heheeeeee, than you should take a closer look to the previous 2600n series! The cp1510 series supposed to be a network all-rounder- no way! Once you try to connect that trashy thing on a VPN network environment you gonna see, what I’m talking about!
    But the biggest star of all new upcoming printers is the CP2020 series – DON’T GET ONE OF IT! You gonna deeply regret that purchase! That printer is a totally waste production! The fuser is getting too hot, and there’s no way lower the temperature. As a result, all out-coming paper sheets are extremely cambering. The cambers are that much, you’re not even going be able to duplex them, because they are not getting feeded anymore in the slot! Heheeeeeee, and who designed the fuser? – “Cannon” did it for hp!
    If you still need some tips, just go ahead and keep asking – I’ll step by that side, time by time – Well, you also could say “thank you” ;-)

  18. Plinio, 23. September 2008, 17:22

    I bought the same computer HP Pavilion zd8000… A week after the warranty expired the battery stopped charging, so in a way it’s no longer a “portable” computer. On its second year it stopped booting because a Microsoft (yes another favorite) automatic upgrade damaged the OS. When I was about to reinstall, I realize that although the computer DID have an installer CD it does not work… in other words, it will not boot. So the reason, I guess, they didn’t send you CDs is because they wouldn’t work anyway. Funny thing is the computer will boot any live Linux ?, and BartPE, but it will not boot a Windows installation CD. I had another XP Professional SP2 from another computer and it refused to boot. Go figure. The only satisfaction I have is that I have decided to go with Linux on my laptop so that Windoze can go F.T.S.. Maybe this way I can get a little more than 2 years from the machine.

  19. Dan, 20. October 2008, 8:59

    I called technical support a few times to get a recovery cd that would be a backup for my operating system that I bought with my computer. They told me that the application was not working and to call back several hours later. It was not what I expected during my day off, to get more complication involving my os but because I need the disk in order to have a working computer I called back. I finally was told that the order could be placed and was informed that it would cost 15-30 dollars to ship it to me. I spoke with the supervisor who identified himself as brad. The supervisor brad sarcastically blamed me for the situation that I was in and I was basically an idiot for not making a recovery disk. The supervisor brad was belittling and arrogant and continued to be insulting. It was the worst customer service that I have ever seen. The supervisor brad informed me that I would need to purchase the cd and if I got one from the store it would cost me 300 dollars so I was actually getting a deal. The supervisor brad then accused me of trying to get something for free but wait didn’t I pay for the computer that includes the os. That’s what the documentation says that it includes the os. I tried to comprehend why I was being charged for something that I purchased already and asked for his manager. The supervisor brad said that his manager’s name was Shelly. The supervisor brad said that she is never available and doesn’t take calls. All I want is a back up disk that contains the os that I purchased with my computer. I have a warrantee why does it not cover the os. If the shipping price was realistic I wouldn’t have a problem even though I shouldn’t really have to pay for shipping but 15 bucks to ship through regular mail. That doesn’t make sense. I’m sure not going to give good reviews on every blog I see and every person I speak with and I’m in the technical field so that could be a lot of coverage when I comes to bringing awareness and caution to those that consider hp products and services.

  20. Shrek2008, 24. December 2008, 9:39

    I guess I also belong to this club because I feel I have been taken for a ride by HP’s shady customer service practices. Is there anything at all we can do? My nightmare with HP is at http://hpcheats.wordpress.com/

  21. John, 26. December 2008, 17:54

    Hello there. I live in Canada. Yesterday my computer was hit by a virus, leading me with no choice but to reformat my HP Compaq Presario notebook. But my notebook came with a pre-installed Windows Vista Home Premium. I didn’t have the Windows Vista installation disc, so I couldn’t reformat my computer directly. I then called the HP tech support line for North America. When I got a hold of the operator, the operator wasted 10 minutes asking for my personal information. I was then asked to provide my serial number and product number. The operator entered the numbers in the database and told me that my warranty is expired. She said in order to get technical help through the phone, HP will charge me $40 CDN for the call! I found that really ridiculous and denied the technical help through phone. I then told her about my situation, and asked her if she could just give a little advice. She said I can use the hidden partition to recover my hard drive, and that’s all she’s allowed to tell me because I didn’t want to pay the $40. She then gave me a ticket number, and told me to call back if I have further problems. I hung up the phone, and did what she advised. I ran the recovery, but it gave me the error message: “error 1002. If this issue continues, please contact HP support”. Well of course the error is gonna continue if I don’t change anything! And it did continue! So I called the support line again, but then a pre-recorded voice said that my warranty is expired and that I was to check the HP website for help. Bullshit! She gave me a fake ticket number and blacklisted me! Anyways, to keep long story short, I used bittorrent to download the Windows Vista Home Premium image file (.iso). I then burnt the image file onto a blank DVD. I booted the DVD, reformatted my hard drive, and installed a clean and fully working Winows Vista Home Premium ^^. So in conclusion, do not rely on HP tech support to fix your computer! They will either rip you off, or turn you away!

  22. Asif Nawaz, 29. January 2009, 17:31

    You mind if I resuse your ho sucks logo?

  23. Sam, 29. January 2009, 20:02

    Yeah, by all means. Spread the word far and near!

  24. Guy Called Jim, 9. March 2009, 14:16

    The following is an email I just sent to their CEO Mark Turd:

    Hey Mark, Ever heard the phrase, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it?” Why did you guys change your Inkjet Glossy Brochure Paper? It looked great before, now the color is dulled and the images are much lest distinct. And yes I do have it set to this type of paper in the printing specs. I even changed the ink cartridges to be sure.
    I print small images for collectible buttons and this was the one paper I could still get a clear enough image with on an inkjet printer. Now it’s unuseable. But hey, I guess it’s a good thing because between all the problems I’ve had with my HP Printer and it’s buggy, commercial-polluted software, and now this lousy new inkjet glossy you’ve just come out with I am officially done with Hewlett-Packard products. I am going out to buy a laser printer tomorrow (non-HP) and from here on out I will be avoiding anything with the HP logo on it like a pitbull with aids. I’m joining the countless HP-haters I just found with a quick internet search, you guys have really made a lot of enemies with your junk products! Thanks for wasting my time and money. Jim

  25. V james, 27. March 2009, 23:57

    These people are crazy..
    I called for a problem I was
    having with a HP laptop. the wireless card was making the system crash. The HP web site said to update the driveer, which I did.
    Made things worse, crash and constant reboot. Fix the crash and reboot quickly and contacted HP (Oh my GOD, what idiots).After being on the phone for 45 Minutes with people that do not understand you. They told me that I would have to buy tech waranty, now here comes the part that is insane. With all this aggravation the women at hp’s end starting yelling in nothing understandable. I said no to the warranty buy and researched the problem on google, come to find its is a known problem by hp and there is no real fix. So this company takes peoples money knowing they can not fix th problem. People should really be thinking Class action suit!!!!

  26. J.D. Mason, 6. April 2009, 5:12

    The recovery disc fiasco with respect isn’t limited to HP – Dell also isn’t big on sending out recovery discs. The motivations of these two equally reprehensible firms are plain: (1) they want more of your money by kidnapping your o/s recovery disc and holding it up to you for $20+ in ransom money; (2) their highly doctored o/s recovery disc contains lots more than the o/s – it contains the bloatware they destroy your system with before you even buy it – the bloatware is third party garbage software that HP warrants to be unworthy of standing behind but worthy of dumping on all of us in hopes one of us might actually buy something so HP gets their sales commission.

    First rule of buying an HP system: go into add/remove and remove nearly all software you see that isn’t named Microsoft, Intel, AMD, ATI, Nvidia, HP and whichever Audio card company HP provided – if you’re unlucky (and stats show you probably are in this matter), that company will be Realtek. Realtek’s the outfit HP hires to insure you can’t hear anything coming from HP’s alleged “speakers”. Buy a set of headphones and you’ll be fine – once you figure out where to plug them in because your system is a bit “short” on USB ports. This too can be solved in an easy manner but not by working with HP.

    Be fearless in your swashbuckling approach. Now, rifle through the programs you’ve got left. Go to Microsoft – here you will probably find one or two massive files labeled “90 Day Free Trial” taking up valuable hard drive space. If you don’t absolutely require these Optional MSFT programs, uninstall! We don’t use the $500 Microsoft Office Suite. We prefer $0 OpenOffice Suite, which does everything and more that MSFT’s does.

    Next, let’s destroy some HP hardware on purpose just for fun! You will destroy the keyboard and mouse provided for your HP Desktop within a month of regular use anyway – they’re made of tissue paper figuratively speaking and meant to explode immediately upon use, so why not kill them both on your time and have fun doing it? OK then – go to online store like newegg which is darn good and buy a solid wireless (gamers may prefer wired) Logitech keyboard and mouse combo plus the headphones plus a multiport USB bus (so that you can plug in all the stuff you need to but HP won’t let you) plus an external 500GB (or greater) hard drive (to make up for the lack of HDD space HP typically gives). Next, trundle over to Crucial dot com to see how much extra RAM your system can support and how much they recommend at maximum – buy it.

    Alright we’re making progress. We’re now spent (say) $1,250 on the original purchase from HP of a Desktop and a Monitor which you haven’t yet used, except to strip away bloatware. HP being HP also probably threw in a cheapo copier for free as though they were blessing you like the Pope for your shrewd sourcing decision. Remember this is we remember anything – HP is not in business to do anything except one basic thing – sell massive quantities of ink cartridges on which the profit margins remain in the stratosphere. Everything else – the computers, the monitors, the blah blah blah – are mere “support products” to hook you into a lifetime of endless purchasing of HP ink carts (which don’t work too well either but others in this excellent thread have covered the HP printer matters quite well).

    Next we’ve spent at a newegg or tigerdirect about $550 worth of real people’s real computer parts that make a real system work. For those keeping tally, we’re upto $1,800 and we haven’t used our new HP system yet. But at least we’ve got it primed for bear, you say! Wrong … lol … not so fast. What is this piece of crap GPU (aka graphics card) HP installed?? My catalog said clearly Nvidia 9800 GTX with 1GB of VRAM but HP shipped me Nvidia 8500 GT with 258MB of VRAM – there’s a huge difference in price ($200+), and no gaming for me :( Now, HP has got me cornered. hmmm.. how to deal with this “little shipping error?”

    Here you’re forced for the first time to contact HP Support if you’re uncomfortable opening your new HP case / tower. I will save you the time and effort. HP engages in a little “extra work” in their manufacturing process geared solely to steal more of your money. Do they slitely destroy their own parts? No, I wouldn’t worry about that, their parts suppliers are the cheapest in Asia and are quite capable of building self-destructing or inoperable parts on their own. The practice to which I refer goes by various names amongst the criminal underground that supports it – it is the hard soldering of the GPU to the motherboard such that the GPU cannot be upgraded or swapped in and out, as is common. This insures you pay HP for a whole new system if you are serious about obtaining that Nvidia 9800 GTX (or similar) which you thought you bought in the first place.

    Sigh… . Go back one umbrella step. Use $1,800 HP as a glorified email machine you could have bought from ASUS for $379.00 :( :(

    There is no solution. HP and Dell alike have been hit hard during the past two years’ “depression” by quality producers from Asia like ASUS MSI, Toshiba and Lenovo. That alone gives me joy for a better future:) PS Their customer support sounds … … can it be?? … American? Yes, in my case, it has been lol.

    So never say never. Except in one or two cases. HP and Dell.

  27. mark, 21. April 2009, 5:29

    junk,crap,shit, turds all understatements for hp

  28. M Kapish, 22. April 2009, 6:43

    I love this blog… wish I had found it sooner…

    You should try working for them. Most companies have a motto that goes something like this:
    Hire hard working smart people… Pay them well, reward performance and then get out of their way!…

    At HP the motto is something like…
    Hire a bunch of clowns;
    Then have those clowns come up with as many redundant and over engineered processess as possibe to manage all the other clowns in the organization;
    Have them hire more clowns and form teams to develop more initiatives and programs to oversee the processess that the clowns above them implemented… then have them go hire more clowns in places like costa rica, china, india, brazil and make sure they don’t speak much english or understand business, customer service, support, training, technical jargon or own a pair of shoes and make those clowns your customer facing organization..

    Acquire other companies and dress them up like clowns and watch the confused looks on their faces as they question logic, doubt decision making and update their resume’s on monster.com.
    Now give every clown a sharepoint site and a power point presentation, have eveyone join at least 12 virtual communities, 20 mailing lists, 5 blogs, 24 discussion threads and attend 13 mandatory sessions promoting the positive impact of “green” living and workforce diversity.

    Now make sure no one really knows what anyone else is doing and put as many barriers as possible between the people who have the answers and the people who are asking the questions. Consolidate office space and get as many people working out of their homes as possible so as to avoid having to pay for air, heating, lighting, telephones, internet access, plumbing and coffee… cut eveyone’s base pay, cancel raises and terminate retirement contributions… oh and be sure to Involve as many people as you possibly can in every decision you make whether its choosing a lunch venue or selecting JUST THE RIGHT background for your pretty powerpoint presentation next week…


    Its not a place…
    It’s a state of mind..

  29. TM Scopel, 8. May 2009, 13:31

    Wasn’t sure if you had this link or not. It is for the current hp class action on the ZD800 models. I had a ZD7000 with the graphic lines problem. 1st lawsuit fixed it for a month. Then it happened again and when I called HP I was hung up on. Needless to say that I won’t even buy hp paper now, let alone anything else. Unfortunately, my model is not included and was considered settled at the 1st lawsuit. What a joke that was. However, I feel for everyone else and am posting this link everywhere. Call it a vendetta but, I’m getting my 2 grand back from them one way or another. Please help me get the word out.

    TM Scopel


  30. BILL, 18. May 2009, 12:51


  31. Brad Purcell, 2. June 2009, 10:59

    HP Software support sucks a big moose dick. Avoid them and their lousy Indian consultants at all costs.

    Brad Purcell
    Sky IT Group – NYC

  32. Andy, 21. June 2009, 22:54

    I haven’t had to call customer service (thank god) which would seem to be a very very frustrating process. I have an HP Pavilion desktop which cost a little over 1100$ Canadian. What I can say is the computers themselves are very bad crap. All the main components such as the memory sticks, motherboard, and CPU (processor) coolers, and even the cases themselves are crap. Not to forget about the BIOS (the blue screen when you start up your computer) It would be so bad to start up that it would take about five minutes for the computer to start up! For example, they use Micro ATX motherboards which are very small and a pain to upgrade. As for the memory sticks, they use PC6400 Memory sticks. That’s over 4-5 years old! The power supply also is very, very low end. It’s only 300 watts! The standard is a bout 450 -500 watts (if you plan to upgrade your computer in the future). Also, the CPU cooler is weak and cannot handle it being left overnight without suddenly shutting off. I went to a nearby computer store and found the exact same product for 10 $! Canadian This may seem unimportant but, the case also sucks. It is really small, and only has one case fan. The standard should be three. I have had my computer for little over a year and, my computer crashed so many times due to heat (recently as in a week) that I had to buy a new case. This one had two fans with room to add another at the front (which I did) and, was much larger. For anyone that wants to see it go on Google and look up NZXT Apollo. Honestly anyone that can assemble a computer can assemble a better system for a lower price.

    HP stands for Hopeless Product

    P.S. this is coming from a 14 year old

  33. Blane Land, 4. July 2009, 23:48

    NEVER EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM HP !!! They used to be a company with integrity and are rip off corporate greed sellouts today. Myself and 15 other people that I am conversing with bought HP plasma TV’s about 2 years ago. EVERY SINGLE ONE HAS FAILED THE SAME WAY with a loud POP and no picture.


    HP service said $660 and no guarantee that the new part will fix it. I paid over $2000 and now I have a boat anchor. My father called this morning, his tv went out, BUT IT WAS 35 years old !!!! I told him to STAY AWAY from HP and not to expect the next one to last as long.

  34. HP_Loverz, 11. July 2009, 17:41

    @M Kapish

    LOL, I work for HP right now, and every statement on your post is damn right.

    I laughed so hard reading your post.
    HP Sucks!

  35. HP_Loverz, 11. July 2009, 17:44

    HP stands for

    Horrible Place
    Hurt People
    Half Paid
    Health Problem
    Have Patience

  36. Shannon supernaw, 12. July 2009, 11:11

    I baught an hp desktop computer on 2/2008 for $1,000.00 and did not use it once. I opened it and started using it in 6/2009 now its 7/2009 and they are telling that my ivp4 address is no good and that i need to purchase a new one. It seems to me that hp did it on purpose and then gave there technicians a raise to be even more mean than they already were.

  37. Roxanne Hodgson, 16. July 2009, 8:21

    Well now, I have a new complaint. This is how it all started:

    On June 28, 2009, I went to start my HP Pavillion AA6157C desktop computer. It kept beeping and wouldnt turn on. I used my sons computer and called the HP online support desk in Canada.
    I was given to a tech support person, first we vaerified that my warranty had expired and that I would require an extention to continue with their support. I purchased an extended warranty for 179.00 and 8.95 tax. The tech person and myself tried for an hour to get the computer to work but to no avail. HP sent UPS with a box to retrieve my computer to repair the problem.

    I received my computer back yesterday July 15, 2009. Promptly connected everything and to my amazement all my personal data was gone. All 3000+ pictures, personal vodeos, work programs, itunes library… everything. I am not a computer litterate person, I called HP at 3:15 yesterday to ask where my personal property was. Me silly as it seems thought they had forgot to place the disc with my backup information in the returned box. I was on the phone continuously till 6:30pm. I spoke to 6 different people, was assigned 2 different case numbers, was told that I was incorrect each time about my warranty, as there was no record. I have the invoice right here in front of me. By the end of all this one person assigned a case number #8026616848. Tis man apologized for what had happened to all my data and admitted that it was HP’s fault for the miscommunication on the backup. By this time I was so distraught by the obvious abusive nature of their representatives I was glad that this man had the decency to accept responsibility. I had relayed to him my concerns about having to pay someone to come and reload all my programs onto my computer. I asked him what HP was going to do to support this, he offered to refund my extended warranty and that after speaking to his supervisor that HP would like to offer me a new computer had a discounted price for all my inconveinience. My husband and I accepted his offer. HP stated that since I had been on the phone for 3.5 hours by this time that he and his supervisor would be calling me back within an hour to verify my credit card information for the purchase of this computer. I waited for 3 hours and NO CALL.

    I phoned HP this morning at 7:30 and provided them with my case number and low and behold. There was no information listed about the 4 hours on the phone from the previous day, nor any information about the offer. I spent 3 hours again today to realize that HP does not care how they treat their consumers. The Case Manager (Jason) gave me his personal apology for all the inconvienience and took my complaint. He then assigned me another case number 7501025211 and said he was closing it because it was my fault not to have backed up my information before sending it to be repaired.

    So today, I will not again buy from HP and I wanted to warn anyone who was thinking about purchasing.

    I have not felt so personally abused as a consumer as the last couple of days. I am going to find a way to let HP know how I was treated.

  38. sweatshop-hp, 23. July 2009, 9:07

    you think hp sucks to call, try working for the losers, they want you to be available 24×7 and NOT get paid for any of it. they killed wfh, they killed the stock plan, they killed the 401k and now you get to move to Albuquerque – the next big adventure is to cut pay for Americas to match india… so anybody that buys anything from HP is just shipping your money to india and anywhere else (including the usa) where they run their sweatshops. Then Loading the EXECS wallets.

  39. Shooga, 4. August 2009, 1:02

    Great to see I’m not the only one who thinks HP customer support is just crap. Seems to be the case all over the world and in my case in Finland.

    Anyhow, I did not have any luck with HP’s customer support (or should say customer torture) with my printer which I wanted to use with my brand new Vista installation.
    As the printer didn’t come with Vista drivers I went to the Hp website to download them and thought that after a few minutes I would be able to printer (silly me!).
    Now first of all I was shocked that the package I had to download was about 300 Mb when I just wanted to have a simple driver and nothing else but I thought that maybe I would “need” the other crap as well that came in the package.

    Once I got the package downloaded I installed it and…. bunch of error messages.
    So I try it again and the same thing.
    I thought that maybe I had done something funny with the OS and installed something that it didn’t like, so I did the Vista installation again. Now I had nothing installed to the OS but still I was getting those damn errors while trying to install the stupid driver.

    So I contact the customer support via email and in the first email they point me to the HP site to download the driver, duh… of course I’ve done this as a first step.
    Second tip they gave me was to deactivate the anti-virus and firewall, at which point I explained them that I have tried the installation with anti-virus and firewall on and then with a completely clean installation with no anti-virus and firewall deactivated but still no go.
    Also at the same time I started to ask why would I even need to deactivate these since any normal program would not need to bother about these, unless HP wants to install something on my computer that will sniff info from my computer and then send it to HP.
    From this point onwards all hell broke lose and they started telling me that I need to deactivate those because the drivers work differently in Vista and that the tech support guy has been working in IT for over 10 year (and so what, I’ve been doing this for over 15 years) and that if I don’t follow their guidance they will not support me.
    So I send them back a mail stating that I have done these already but I still don’t understand why they need to be deactivated, at which point I receive a mail stating that it is completely useless to talk to me about this since I am no co-operating.

    From this point onwards I have no responses from the customer support.

    So then I decide to send a mail to some email address to ask for a feddback address since I wanted to tell them what I think about their support but to get a response from them took over 2 weeks at which point I had lost all hope for HP and decided to forget about the whole company.

    From now on I will just tell everybody not to buy anything that has been made by HP, not because the quality is bad but just because the company sucks big time.

    As I side not I used to work for them as well (well our onsite engineers were all sold to them) and I have really nothing good to say about the management of the company either. Bunch of lazy bastards the lot of them.

  40. Pissed off HP'er, 4. August 2009, 7:05

    DO NOT BUY HP. I have been working for the company for 15 years now. HP used to be a great company, but since Mark Turd is running the show, everything has been going down the crapper. Product quality is lousy all across the board from consumer to enterprise. Jobs are being offshored, thousands are being laid off in order to pay the fat cats at the top more money. Help stop this corporate greed by saying NO TO HP !!!

  41. Eva, 15. August 2009, 22:05

    Please join this room. tell your mum to do it too.




  42. Draco, 24. August 2009, 11:24

    HP Sucks, I agree but I didn’t know Harry Potter had pissed off so many muggles. Good for you!

  43. Cynth, 28. August 2009, 7:30

    Their printers also suck. Twice I got a “faulty or incompatible” error message after replacing the factory-specified TriColor inkjet which I bought directly from the manufacturer. I am sick of them, and I would rather buy a cheaper all-in-one printer at Wal-Mart rather than deal with these jerks.

    I wrote to the CEO and told him that he lost a customer forever.

  44. StuffHP, 15. September 2009, 14:23

    I’ve worked for HP for 28 years. The first 18 were, well, simply the best place to work, period. So much for globalization and everything has to be a commodity mentality. It has done nothing for the American dream. HP should be charged extra for every product they sell in the USA for all the layoffs and off shoring they have done. I used to consult with people on the best innovative products coming out along with customer support that had absolutely no equal.
    Since the Carli Fiorina days and our follow on ruthless cost cutter Mark Hurd I flat out refuse to give my opinion out about HP products and support .

  45. Chris, 6. October 2009, 8:21


    HP is at it again! Selling Defective Pavilion Elite Models.

  46. HP Rotinhell, 9. October 2009, 5:14

    HP has fired most of the people who knew anything at the company. They rely a great deal on contractors, whose rates they repeatedly lower. Some years ago, they made a conscious decision to lower the quality of their printers because they were lasting too long.

    A tip – if you live in California and need laptop customer service, call on a Saturday morning. You have less chance of being routed to India.

    I agree that HP is a crap company. It’s products are crap, it’s software is crap, it’s support sucks, and they are a bad employer. However, they are hardly alone and much of the fault is with the American consumer who demands more-and-more for less-and-less. Companies are forever looking at ways to cut costs and give lower levels of service while claiming that they offer more.

  47. James VanGilder, 13. October 2009, 15:25

    I bought an HP pavilion dv600 and it turned out to have a manufacturing defect. HP won’t tell me how to fix it until I open an account and pay them more. I’m not going to pay them to fix a product they sold me broken. I’ll spend 3 times as much on a new laptop from a competent manufacturer before I give them another dime. Dealing with customer service is a nightmare! HP Sucks!

  48. Edmundo Castro, 19. October 2009, 13:37

    HP Indian/Fillipino Outsourcing Customer Care Sucks, they might as well be fucking robots. After a few days ago, now I am turning myself to DELL in hopes they have better customer care and are flexible with there warranty.

  49. Aaron, 3. November 2009, 17:10

    I had a terrible experience and since I have NOT bought nor will I buy and HP product. And I have had numerous friends that all say the same. You buy a $1800 Laptop and it breaks 1 month after a year and they say tough.

    I wish a lawyer would take formal complaints and build a big case to sue them, honestly who does protect the consumer from being ripped off by these corporate giants, especially HP.

    And finally HP is very bad to the environment, the do all sorts of bad things and have their products manufactured in these Plants that have no regard for the environment.

  50. rob, 10. November 2009, 5:42

    HP goes right below Microsoft when it comes to screwing people. I have been dealing with their lame customer service for the past 6 months in an attempt to get a new printer.

    Still no reply and for God’s sake, Im not spending hours of my life on hold with them.

    Good job!! HP SUCKS!!

  51. Doug, 23. November 2009, 6:05

    To Mike Hurd, CEO HP.
    I have been a loyal HP Printer buyer for 10 years. In fact, I have never bought any other brand. However, I have noticed a pattern with the last three printers that I have bought over the past four years (note 1 year per printer) – I’ve found myself throwing each of them out the window after they develop any of numerous failure modes – paper jams, software bugs, driver bugs, connectivity failures. It seems that HP has discovered that if they can milk the loyalty of the public by causing them to purchase a new printer every year, they can out compete Dell on revenue growth!! Yeah, another Wall Street wonder. Well no more – my present HP printer will be my last one forever. I have a series 2570 all-in-one printer which requires me to re-load a 167MB driver software package EVERY DAY in order to maintain connectivity. I guess this is what HP means by “Invent” – Invent a way to make people into slaves of the HP website. By By HP, Hello Canon!!!!!!!!

  52. Khannez, 27. November 2009, 14:26

    So, I went on http://www.hp.com/shipping and followed the wizard to get a desktop that matches my daily activity. Upgraded to window 7 and increased the memory. Took a quick look at the contract. Liked what I saw [stupid]. Trusted what I saw [idiot]. Paid 2000 for what I liked and trusted [dumb a$$]. Got the computer two weeks later. No Wireless. No Ethernet card. Not even dialup.
    6 hours long with HP “local support”, the summation “Sir, it is not our problem that you customized it.”. And “All internet connections are OPTIONAL” So, in reality I paid 2000 for a box that has Win7.
    Cancelled the order,got my money back. Will no Longer order online.
    In this day and age, I would expect not having internet connect is something to be advertised way up front. Something like “HEY, YOU HAVE NOT SELECTED INTERNET CONNETION. ARE YOU SURE!!!!!!!!!!”
    That would have caught my attention.

  53. Andy, 28. November 2009, 4:53

    HP SUCKS!!! Buy anything but never an HP …. worst customer service every. I have what I would call a LEMON for a laptop and HP is trying everything to push me to throw it in garbage insted of fixing it (its still under Warranty). I wish they had a store and i will have a hunger strike in front of it.


  54. samato, 25. December 2009, 15:21

    Ya, I agree. After receiving the laptop, I started it up immediately. However, I got an error code with blue screen. So, I tried to format it. However, another error message appeared and I couldn’t proceed.

    So, I tried to send emails and contact them through phone calls immediately. Eventually, I got the following results:

    1) Sending about 20 emails to them. My email was first replied after more than 10 business days and after sending more than 10 emails to them.
    2) They only replied about 5 of my emails. All emails were saying the same thing, “there is nothing we can do and you have to contact this or that number…..”
    3) One of them gave his fake email address to me over the phone, so that I no longer could contact him back.

    Phone calls:
    1) I received support from the ENTIRE company because my calls were being transferred to all different departments endlessly. Everyone said that was not their jobs.
    2) One of them gave me fake extension number in preventing me to get back to her.
    3) Even I have left my voice message to them, they just didn’t seem to care to return your calls.
    4) They promise to call you back, but they won’t call.

    After dragging me over 8 weeks, the technical support team said that there was nothing they could do to solve my problem. They didn’t want to provide refund, repair or exchange the defective unit for you. They just won’t respond to you at all.

    I have to say that they have the best combination between product and service on earth:
    The worst product + the lousiest support

    They are already the “BEST”, what else you could ask for more?

  55. Sammy, 31. December 2009, 2:40

    I love your blog! I made the worst decision of my life when I recommended a new HP backup solution for the company I work for (I am the IT manager). We used a HP tape drive for 5 years and it worked great, but apparently in the past 5 years the quality of their products has dropped faster than the value of the US dollar. And their tech support has been about as helpful as gasoline to put out a fire. I will never touch another one of their products with a pole of any length. The whole ordeal has caused me a brutal amount of undue stress and valuable time. Keep this blog going!

  56. L, 9. January 2010, 16:21

    More fun with HP…

    Delivered on October 2, 2009 was my new HP Pavilion elite e9180t. 9 gigs of Ram, 1 terabyte of memory, I was ready to start working with my Adobe programs and design. I loaded up my software and got to work. But the computer froze, again and again. I was having problems with the mouse, too. 10 days after my computer arrived, I opened my first tech support ticket with HP. I had run every test I could think of, reviewed all of my loaded software, but couldn’t determine why my computer kept freezing. When I tried to install all of my HP updates, some wouldn’t install. I thought perhaps it just didn’t need those updates, it was a brand new computer, after all. I asked the agent if I should return the computer as I was well within the policy. He said no, not to return it, as it sounded like a software compatibility issue or an OS issue, both would be resolved with my Windows 7 disk arrived to upgrade me from Vista. I trusted the HP Tech Support agent and kept the computer I had paid $1,700 for. 3 months later I have done nothing with this computer but try to make it work the way a computer should work right out of the box. Especially one with a 64 bit operating system and a high-end processor.

    I went through all the levels of support during those 3 months. I finally got a Case Manager who told me that she could certainly offer me repairs, but that it was ridiculous to repair a computer as new as mine that has never worked, especially when the tech agent made the mistake of tellin g me to keep it. I had high hopes that this situation would be over soon. She had me call the sales department who told me that after 21 days, it goes to a case manager. I explained that I already have one and she told me to call sales. Sales sent me to the resolutions department who told me the same 21 day policy. I explained that I wasn’t trying to get a refund, just a simple exchange, my defective computer they mailed to me, for one that actually works. They told me that after 21 days, I have to talk to my Case Manager. So my Case Manager calls the sales department on my behalf while I’m on the other line. The three of us go in circles on 12/28/2009 and the resolutions team member puts us on hold to ask her manager. The manager says that he will talk to his manager about it and get back to me within 2 business days. They never called. On 1/31/09 I called resolutions again, but had to wait over an hour just to get through, and spoke with a supervisor named Cyreil who explained the same 21 day policy to me again. I tried to explain to her that I had already been through this circle and my Case Manager knew about it and had told me to call. Cyreil insisted that no exchange would be made after 21 days and that if they told me someone would call, someone will. She told me to wait at least 3 business days, possible 4 because of the holiday. After the unhelpful call, I did an over-the-phone survey. I then called back my case manager who also said to wait and see. On 1/4/2010, Monday, Ricky called me regarding my customer service survey and I explained everything to him and how Cyreil would not transfer me to her manager, would not listen to me explain that a manager was supposed to call me back, and just generally cut me off at every word. Ricky said the policy s 21 days for a return and that Cyreil was just doing her job. So, I got a hold of my case manager again. She said resolutions had elevated the case again to her. After spending almost 2 weeks trying to get it exchanged, my Case Manager suggested I just repair it. She had given up the battle of going in circles with the resolutions department. I wrote a letter to the CEO telling him how disappointed I was with the way this situation was handled.
    On 1/8/2010 I received a call from 650-857-1502, HP Support regarding my letter to the executive office from Monday. She stated that it appeared my issue was resolved as I had already spoken with my Case Manager, Krissy, after my e-mail to the CEO. I told her, no, it was not resolved, merely a draw. I said that my Case Manager wanted to get the computer replaced, not repaired, but that the Sales department would not budge on their 21 day return policy, even for a defective computer. I have proof not only that my computer showed signs of its defectiveness within 10 days of my receiving it, but also that the HP tech Support agent told me not to return the computer as the problem appeared to be fixable. I was very clear with my tech support agent that my computer was well within it’s return policy and that I would return it if he couldn’t fix it. He assured me it was fixable but that I would need to wait for the Windows 7 disk to arrive as he was sure it was just a compatibility problem with some of my software. 3 months later I have opened 4 troubleshooting tickets for tech support and still not managed to get everything on my computer to function properly at the same time. I have even removed everything from it with 2 clean installations and have only tried to install HP and Windows updates. The computer cannot even do that. The woman I spoke with today jest kept repeating herself. “The return policy is 21 days. Only your Case Manager can exchange a computer after that time.” My case manager wanted to exchange my computer. My case manager acknowledged that the tech support agent made a mistake in thinking my computer was an easy fix.
    “The tech support agent said it was a fixable problem because he thought it was.”
    Ok, but it wasn’t.
    “Then your Case Manager can send it in for repairs.”
    I’m aware of that, but my Case Manager and I both want it exchanged. If the Tech Support agent hadn’t told me to keep it, I would have exchanged it within those 21 days. Are you telling me that HP won’t remedy a mistake it has made?
    “No, I’m saying the return policy is 21 days and you agreed to that when you purchased your PC.”
    I wanted to make every effort to repair my computer if it was only a simple fix, but the technician made a mistake, my case manager acknowledged that fact, but you’re telling me that you won’t replace a computer that was defective?”
    “Our return policy is 21 days, after that time your case manager has to handle it.”
    I know that, and my case manager is trying to handle it, but the sales team would not cooperate.
    “That’s because they cannot return a computer after 21 days. That’s the policy.”
    Ok, so you’re saying that it doesn’t matter how badly you screw up, that I can’t exchange my computer after 21 days, even though you will admit that this was HP’s fault.
    “I never admitted to anything.”
    You are an agent of HP and another agent of HP already admitted the mistake was made, so you’re telling me that even with that fact, after 21 days I’m screwed?
    “You’re putting words in my mouth. The policy is that returns can only be made within 21 days.” So if that’s the policy you wouldn’t care if I went and posted that on every computer blog I can think of? “I am not going to tell you to do that, no.”
    I wrote a letter to the corporate office looking for help with this situation because so far no one would help me, and all you’re saying is that you won’t do anything about a defective computer, either?
    “After 21 days, the policy is…”

    At that point, I hung up. Granted, this was from my memory a few hours after the conversation when my hands had stopped shaking with rage. THIS is HP’s IDEA OF CUSTOMER SERVICE from the CORPORATE LEVEL!!!

    I paid good money for a high end computer with the expectation that the machine would work. I know there are laws to protect me from receiving defective merchandise and I could very easily use my consumer rights, but all I wanted was a simple exchange of my defective computer for the exact same one, just one that worked. Everything has fallen on deaf ears. I have pages of notes with names and call times, I have transcripts of my tech support conversations, but even still, HP will not stand behind their mistake and remedy the situation.

  57. Mr. Turd, 14. January 2010, 9:32

    As long as Mark Hurd and the current board in control of HP, don’t expect things to get any better. They don’t care about their employees, they don’t care about their customers, and they don’t care about HP’s reputation for service and innovation. All they care about is the next quarterly profits, with little regard to the long term viability of HP. Doesn’t matter to them though, as they will be long gone with fat wallets before it gets too bad.

  58. Sam, 14. January 2010, 11:13

    Congratulations! Your modified HP logo is now the primary image shown when a Google search for “HP logo” is performed. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll one day get the hint and improve customer service. United Airlines needs to do the same. Both have worse-than-none customer service.

  59. Frank Rhobotham, 19. January 2010, 6:42

    I too have been burnt by HP. I thank you for this posting, hopefully others will save their hard earned money by not buying HP products. DO NOT BUY HP!!!

  60. Justin Perrine, 4. February 2010, 2:57

    I wish I would have read all the useful blogs on your web page before I decided to buy an HP Pavilion DV2000. Just months after being purchased, it was having hardware problems that I dealt with until the machine was totally inoperable. Turns out, there was a Service Enhancement “RECALL “that the notebook was eligible for. Fortunately for HP, I didn’t contact them in time to get it repaired for free. Now it’s my $250 problem. I wrote a letter, thinking that would be a good message about how frustrated I was. A US representative contacted me and told me the same info that the customer service representative in India told me, which I obviously wasn’t satisfied with the first time, that’s why I wrote the letter. They should be held accountable for a defective machine no matter when the defective hardware problems are encountered. Just like everyone else here, HP didn’t seem interested whatsoever in helping my get the problem resolved. They just wanted me to move along. I’m so frustrated that they don’t don’t care about helping me.

  61. Andrea, 9. February 2010, 1:39

    I am so upset right now I don’t even know what to do. I had my laptop for less than a year, paid almost $1,000 for it and it there is something wrong with it. I called support and they told me they would send me a box and I could send the computer in for them to evaluate. They gave me an estimate and said once they looked at it to determine what was wrong they would call me and I could authorize them to charge my credit card. The same day I was charged 4 different times, two of them for $356.28 and twice for $1.00. I called them to let them know of their mistake but they will only let me talk to India and they can’t understand me and I can’t understand them. My credit card company says I have to work it out with them. I have spend hours on end trying to make them take it off my credit card and they don’t get it. My computer is sitting right in front of me and the charges are unathorized. I don’t know what to do. If there is anyone who can help me PLEASE HELP ME.

  62. Arthur Voigt, 10. February 2010, 9:46

    I bought a p6230y pavilion last October and this AMD/ATI K-rap graphics on the motherboard just plain sucks. ATI HD 4200 not even mentioned on ATI’s site. HP support doesn’t have a clue and AMD is clueless.

    The bimpo’s at HP keep insisting it’s a driver problem.
    Tried Linux and have the same problem. It’s the K-rap hardware.

    I will never buy a product from HP, AMD or ATI ever again. Their support totally sucks.

    Ended up installing a better power supply, HP’s supply was only a wimpy 320w, and put in my old NVIDIA board. Now the K-rap machine works.

  63. HP Photosmart C4795 Printer, 18. February 2010, 6:53

    Spent 4 hours on the phone last night with HP. Why? Because the software that came with their “All in One” C4795 Printer did not work. The install disk did not work. The drivers and software I downloaded directly from HP’s site did not work. 4 hours on the phone with tech support, and they could not get their own software to work. In the end, they blamed Microsoft for putting out Windows 7 and that installing the software was “too technical” for them to help me.

    Resolution? Empty promise about their manager calling me the next day, which never happened. I wanted a refund, or a new printer that is compatible with Windows 7, they provided me with broken english worthless techs who left me on hold for up to 20 minute intervals. I will never buy a HP product again, and will continue to post about the horrible service and support they offer.

    I have additionally filed a complaint with the BBB, and sent an e-mail to their CEO regarding this issue of his worthless customer service support people.

  64. HP CAN KISS MY A**, 15. March 2010, 13:34


  65. Tia, 16. March 2010, 13:03

    I too have had a horrible experiance with HP. They have proven to be the worst, most unreliable and incomptant company that I have ever had the experiance with dealing with. I made a facebook about it, I know it seems kinda stupid but I want people to join it and post their experiance with HP as well as videos or articles that they stumbled accross in dealing with this company. Maybe if we can get enough peope in one place to show them how horroble their producs and services are, they will notice.


  66. vanos, 1. April 2010, 6:56

    HP sucks! Bought A DV2000 pavilion, it broke down in 1,5 years. Yes, everything will breaks, but 1.5 years for a laptop and without replacement? that’s unbelivable. Dead black screen, hot problem! No, mine is not covered by that replacement program said HP’s CS. It’s inoperable unless heated up it first in 1 hour with 50-50 chance. Really disappointed. HP is the worst electronic product i’ve ever bought. I won’t buy HP again! Do not buy HP!

  67. VXM, 18. April 2010, 6:56

    The phrase “HP Support” rivals “Chineese Quality” for greatest oxymoron of all time. I bought one of their $2500.00 top of the line laptops a little over a year ago. It was about 8 mos. old when Win 7 came out and when I checked HPs web site, they said that they WOULD have Windows 7 drivers available (and why wouldn’t they, it was BASICALLY a new laptop!)
    Then came the Windows 7 release… I installed a full legit. copy of Windows 7 Ultimate and found yellow bangs in device manager for the AVerTV card, the biometric scanner and the Blue ray player. When I went to HPs web site, LO AND BEHOLD ..NO SUPPORT WOULD BE AVAILABLE FOR MOST OF THEIR NEW LAPTOPS ON WIN 7 ..just some their high volume low dollar crap models. I’ve been battling them for months (oh and they eoled my latop with no further support when it hit 1 year old). The laptop is now useless, and worth pennies on the dollar due to HPs appauling andnow LEGENDARY lack of support!!!!! Do yourself a favor and pick up a Lenovo or Toshiba. They have actual customer support for their models and they don’t stab their paying customers in th back. FUC|< YOU HP!!!!!!!!

  68. erika, 21. April 2010, 8:04

    Regardless of the equipment issues – the main problem is the poor technical support. I am so done with HP.

  69. Madeleine, 22. April 2010, 7:22

    HP still sucks. Customer service is a nightmare. I have been hours on the phone trying to return a defective printer cartridge. Buy your printer supplies elsewhere.

  70. Laura, 27. April 2010, 12:05

    HP has the WORST customer service I have ever had to deal with. Absolutely HORRIBLE!! I was having a problem with my HP printer not printing and called HP for tech support. They told me it was a problem with the drivers. That’s bull because it worked fine an hour before but when I changed the cartridges from color (it ran out) to black and it stopped working. If it were the drivers it would’vr never worked to begin with. So then they wanted $35 to continue the tech support! Yeah right! I ended up fixing it myself, it was a very simple solution, don’t know why I didn’t think of it earlier. What a bunch of liars, they just wanted money from me to fix a simple problem. I will NEVER buy anything from HP ever again, and I’ll be telling everyone I know how awful they are!

  71. Hp_never_again, 28. April 2010, 6:48


    My HP PC crashed (graphic card failure was diagnosed). HP support sold me a 2 day turnaround repair with data recovery.

    It took 12 days and they recovered nothing. They did not bother to call to give me the option to get it recovered elsewhere. They returned the computer with all data lost.

    If you buy any support service from them get it in writing beforehand. After the fact they deny what their support staff sold
    -not 2 day turnaround but 2 day shipping
    -not data recovery but data transfer

    No apologies no nothing. Stonewall all you want HP we have the Internet now. Try to keep us quiet!

    I’ll never buy another HP product as long as I live. I would advise you all to do the same

  72. Denise Green, 2. May 2010, 5:40

    I purchased my HP laptop less than a year ago. After reading all the reviews for months on many manufactures I took a chance on HP. 7 months went by and it did fine then the it started to shutdown,not boot up or just crash(bluescreen). The solution replace the hard drive easy right, no. It took months to even get anyone at HP’s customer service to listen they had me run all kinds of tests again and again. Finally just abiout 45 days before the original warranty is to run out I get to send it back. Got it back fast I was thrilled but I decided to put it through its paces and yep it failed. Seems the techs installed Vista again problem its licensed to HP not valid and not activated. It is telling me that unless it is activated windows will stop working.

    This is less than 24hrs after I got it back. I’ve chatted and called HP. They will not answer a direct question is there another alternative besides sending it back again. Seems no one has tried to help their customers and send them the product keys or a new copy of Vista. In this whole company no on has the commom sense other than to tell customers that they are out of luck because there is no other alternative. So you are left with sending your machine back to the same techs who are not smart enough to fix the same problem that numerous customers are experiencing. The last agent even went so far as to tell me they may have to replace the motherboard. This is a software issue but now they tell me they may have to rebuild my computer. I told them well just send me a new one and they could have it. So in a nutshell they need to get it back before my Windows stops working nevermind the time lost and financial losses to me and others. This is my first HP and first computer in 6 years. I won’t purchase another HP product and advise others to think long and hard when they do. Customer service? I guess they need to find out the defnition of it and start to apply some as well as be honest with customers. It shouldn’t take hours and several reps to tell you this is not a individual occurence but is happening often. And my warranty will run out about 2 wks after I get it back…kudos to HP for leaving their customers holding the bag while they fill their pockets in a bad economy when businesses should nbe doing everything to keep customers happy s they remain loyal customers in the future.

  73. Mikie, 4. June 2010, 7:32

    I too have had problems with HP but with printers. The software to install an HP 6310 in Ubuntu & Windows doesn’t work and on top of this HP drops support for their printers for Windows 7 like the HP 100 when they are only 7 years old but still in perfect condition.

    When I write to the CEO about this I’m passed to a guy named John who couldn’t care less and he tells me he’s not Tech Support and to go to them for answers. We all know how good HP Support is.

    As of now I won’t ever be buying anything HP ever again. They suck and their CEO is useless.

  74. Ellen Evans, 16. June 2010, 12:21

    I bought an HP Pavilion Elite which is just over a year old. The hard drive just failed. After 5 phone calls and two hours on the phone, I’ve been told that I can replace the hard drive for about 50% of the original price (including all of the software.) Coincidentally, I am on my third HP printer in two years. At this point, you have to ask, “Why would anyone buy HP?” Great brand name–way past their prime in quality and service. Guess I will go back to Dell. Their products still work. I guess HP has been reading their own press instead of listening to clients.


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