The next South African President: Jacob Zuma?

Jacob Zuma married his fourth (yes, you heard correctly) wife this weekend. The following is a photograph (and what a doozie it is!) that, I am embarrassed to admit, graced the pages of the Herald Sun in Australia yesterday:


How. Very. Unattractive. Besides the sheer hilarity (I am loving the designer sneakers – they go very well with the traditional Zulu garb), this image makes my skin crawl – primarily because I think he has bigger breasts than I do. Just to clarify…this is not about me slagging a traditional Zulu marriage ceremony. My association with traditional African heritage is a part of what makes me a South African – so I would never make light of that. I don’t, however, regard the sneakers as traditional in anyway, so they are fair game in my opinion!

I have spoken at pains about what I think of Zuma, but again, he has prompted me to devote some more time to elaborate on my views. Read more »

Crunchy Salad


Anne from “Anne’s Food” posted the following recipe for a Crunchy Salad a while back. It is really simple to make, and has become a weekly favourite in our home. Not only is it versatile in that you can pretty much add whatever you like, but it is really healthy (hopefully making up for my previous Macaroni and Cheese escapades). We often have it on its own or with some chicken on the side. My version is slightly different to Anne’s as we aren’t that keen on fennel, enjoy the sweetness of red apples (as opposed to the green cooking variety) and I prefer cashew nuts to peanuts. So behold the recipe that may change your life! Read more »

Hewlett-Packard (HP) Sucks Part 2


Ah it was tough coming to work today, what with the rest of the world being on holiday and all…but my three weeks of leave will be coming up in April and I am sure that will be well worth the wait. I saw that India wasn’t on holiday today either, when, on my arrival at the office, I discovered this little doozie in my inbox: Read more »

Hewlett-Packard (HP) Sucks


‘Tis the Season to be jolly and I am pretty jolly…which is why I have been in two minds about even posting this rant. I gave into it though because I am only now moving out of the “fuming with anger” phase. Read more »

Macaroni and Cheese Part 2 – A Traditional Recipe


As promised in Macaroni and Cheese Part 1 – A South African Recipe, to follow is a recipe for the traditional or “Béchamel” Macaroni and Cheese.

Just a couple of notes before we begin: Read more »

Macaroni and Cheese Part 1 – A South African Recipe


I love Macaroni and Cheese.

I find it simply amazing how a bowl of Macaroni and Cheese has the ability to make better an otherwise bad day. I am equally amazed that, out the many comfort foods known to man, my favourite is one of the most fattening. Either way, I have made peace with this calorie-ridden reality along with acknowledging it to be a ridiculously unsophisticated dish (does anyone ever serve this at dinner parties or eat it with proper cutlery?) and that it should never be consumed by anyone without comprehensive coronary health cover! Don’t get me started on how it contradicts my efforts in trying to get in shape for our wedding! Read more »

The “Duck Foot Chow-down” and other stories


I have a confession to make: I drafted this post a week ago and haven’t published it until this evening because I really don’t know what sort of response I am going to get from you all! It is a little off-the-wall, but I am sure you will all be kind with your comments…

I thought that I would write a little about our avian friends this time. Not because I am particularly interested in birds…I mean, I love all animals, but short of parrots that talk (like my Aunt’s one) they don’t really do it for me. I am more a dog and cat kinda girl…but for some reason bird “things” have just punctuated my relatively bird-free existence during the past couple of weeks…

Bird topic No. 1 – Duck Feet: I ate them. On Friday. Not fun. Here is how it happened… Read more »

Fairy Tale

One day, a long, long ago, there was a man who cooked, cleaned and helped look after the kids.


But that was a long time ago…

and it was just ONE day.

The End

Pablo the Australian Alpaca


Around 1pm most working days you will find me making my way from my office in Fitzroy to the local sushi shop on Brunswick Street. I generally do this in a bit of a daze having stared at a computer for the first half of the day. Whilst going through my lunch time routine, who would have guessed that I would have had the opportunity to meet a very handsome boy called Pablo! Read more »

A Great African Holiday


Apologies for my scarcity during the past month! Michael and I returned to Melbourne on Tuesday night after a wonderful 3.5 week African holiday! Read more »

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